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Dear Writer/Artist,

I'm looking forward to your gift!

Sorry I didn't get a letter up for you earlier. I was sort of discombobulated during signups week. I realize the optional details I provided for my requested canons were very imbalanced, so I wanted to assure you that I would be very happy with whichever of these canons you end up deciding to create for. I love them all and would be thrilled to have new art or fic for any of them.

General Likes and Dislikes

A few DNWs: scat, blood-play, vore, mpreg, forced-feeding

Some general likes:
-backstory (I really like when people invent or expand on histories for characters, including their childhoods, early adulthood, family members or other influential people in their past)
-slice of life / missing scenes (I like seeing characters just going about their days and being themselves)
-world-building (expanding on or exploring the world created in canon)
-Enemies to Friends to Lovers; Enemies to Lovers to Friends; Enemies As Lovers; etc.
-characters with clashing philosophies talking about or expressing their difference world-views in some way and learning from each other
-character introspection
-canon divergence (questions like, "What if these two characters had met sooner/later/under different circumstances?" etc.)
-smut (some kinks and likes: hand jobs, blow jobs, light and subtly-negotiated D/s, body worship, orgasm delay - and most things that aren't my DNWs)
-AUs (I'm open to genre/setting AUs - specifically, I'm always happy to see something taken to space or to pirates or given a dose of magical realism, but for fandoms with very little fic, even fluffy modern AUs would be welcome)

All of the above are just some general suggestions, though. In general, I'm open to anything, so please write whatever you want to write!

Requested Canons:

Mad Max
-Max/MOC - One of the nominated relationships for this is Max/male OC, and I really like that idea. I could see Max finding someone else, maybe a little like him (maybe a little softer and less broken down by the world--or maybe someone who's even more lost than Max (maybe someone initially perceived as a threat?)), and the two of them taking some solace in each other for as long as their paths coincide. I don't know; I don't have a specific image for this, but I really like the idea and I'd definitely be happy to see someone run with it.
-Alternatively, a fic just focused on Max would be great. Maybe some details about his life before the apocalypse, or his life between movies, whether that means a whole other adventure or just a quiet slice of life.

Blade Runner
-Rick Deckard/Roy Batty would really be excellent. I'm not sure where exactly it would fit--maybe Batty's life gets extended somehow, or all his memories are brought back in a new, identical model. Or maybe Batty just catches Deckard earlier in that final chase and the confrontation turns sexual.
-Backstory for Pris and/or Roy - how did their lives begin, what were some of their formative experiences (maybe some exploration of some of the events Roy alludes to in his final speech?)
-What happens after the credits roll? Is Deckard a replicant, how does he come to terms with it, what does he do, where does he go?

Princess Bride
Any permutation of these pairings (Westley/Inigo Montoya, Inigo Montoya/Fezzik, Inigo Montoya & Fezzik, Westley/Buttercup) would be lovely, and I'd be happy to see polyamory with them, probably with Inigo and Westley as the connection between the other two pairs (but polyamory is just a thought, not mandatory). Shippy or not, explicit or not - anything works. All of these relationships are very sweet, rooted in loyalty, trust and respect, and appreciation for each other's wit and skill. For specifics, maybe something with Inigo preparing to become the Dread Pirate Roberts and talking to Westley about it? Or Inigo coming back to visit after he's been on some adventures? I could see a version of events where Inigo and Westley begin a flirtation all the way back at that first meeting where they're supposed to duel to the death.

The Good the Bad and the Ugly
Admittedly, my prompts list for this got a little out of hand. I saw it the most recently of this group of films and I have the most ideas for it. But don't let that dissuade you from writing or creating art for one of the other canons if that's what you want to do.

Backstory exploration/canon-compliant prompts:
-Who are Tuco's wives? And his kids? Does he ever see any of them?
-Anything about Pablo and Tuco growing up or interacting or thinking about each other over the years would be awesome. And/or their parents. I'm really curious about Tuco's family.
-"Do you have a mother, Blondie?" (from TGTBTU)/ "Why are you doing this for us?" "Because I knew someone like you once and there was no one there to help." (from A Fistful of Dollars) Any ideas about Blondie's past or family.

Missing scenes/canon-compliant prompts:
-Blondie and Tuco spent a LOT of time on the road that's not shown, considering the distances they cover. The march to the POW camp, the carriage ride out from the monastery, any time between the ghost town shootout and running into the Union camp. Some little scene of them just camping out would be nice.
-What was the recovery period at the monastery like for Blondie and Tuco?
-I really want to just spend some time in characters' heads and know what they think of each other, over time or at any given point. (This goes for other canons too, actually.)

Canon-divergence prompts:
-Angel Eyes gives Tuco the same deal as Blondie, and the three of them go on the treasure hunt together. It's tense.
-It turns out the unmarked grave is empty.
-It turns out the gold is cursed! (maybe Pirates of the Caribbean style?)
-Angel Eyes' men can't shoot Blondie in the ghost town, but they have no reason not to shoot Tuco. (If he dies or survives, up to you.)
-People eventually wise up to Blondie and Tuco's cutting-the-rope act, and the two of them get thrown in a jail cell together.
-Blondie never gets a chance to unload Tuco's gun.
-Blondie takes Tuco with him in the end.
-Tuco tracks Blondie down again after the end.
-What do they do with the money? (I've got this idea that Tuco just might distribute some of it (not as much as he could) among his kids. He's a selfish bastard, but he seems to care about family--when he remembers to.)

AU genre/setting prompts:
-Dystopian post-apocalypse of any kind (sci-fi, Mad Max-ish, or zombies, etc.)
-Angel Eyes and "Golden-Haired-Angel" Blondie are in fact angels (or demons). Tuco's the only human of the three.

PWP would also be great! (Or thinky porn or emotional porn.) I'm partial to Blondie/Tuco (specifically, Tuco pining for Blondie (and trying not to), and Blondie slowly processing how fond he's become of Tuco (in spite of everything)). But if you want to do something like replace the climactic three-way standoff with a crazy threesome, please be my guest.

Alright, that's it. Again, looking forward to whatever you come up with. Don't feel beholden to any of these suggestions. I hope you have fun! Good luck, and thank you!


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