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Another post devoid of RL stuff... Not sure why I'm so reluctant to write things down right now, but. Regardless. I just want to say that I've started three vidding projects, and at the moment, I'm excited about them. One is Sherlock Holmes with Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" (I don't know, ok, I really don't know, but I just wanted to and I'm sorry lol) and the other two are for The Phantom of the Opera.

Came out of nowhere, right? I haven't given any thought to Phantom in years. Except that I've always kind of wanted to use the song "Bright Eyes" by Blind Guardian for it. And right now I'm really in love with the song "Blinding" by Florence and the Machine and it would be perfect for Christine (and for Phantom as a whole in a meta way). or at least, it'd be nice to imagine that she eventually has an epiphany like the one which the song describes. I'm sort of toying with the idea of using some other source for an AU, more grownup Christine (could Irene pass, do you think? eh?), but I don't think I could really pull off making them look like they go together. Anyway -- the "Blinding" one is the most recent project (in fact, I haven't really started it -- it's just a bunny) so it'll be a while in coming, probably, but... Yeah, could be cool.

Working on these two at the same time has me wishing for some Holmes/Phantom crossover stuff (fics, vids, whatever). Does anyone know of any? I mean, I know it's a pretty random request, but on the off chance...

I guess that's it. I hope everyone's doing well.
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Then I'll dig a tunnel

Title: Tunnels to Narnia
Song & Artist: "Tunnels (Neighborhood #1)" by The Arcade Fire
Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia (mostly "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" with a little bit of "Prince Caspian" toward the end)
Summary: General overview, with a melancholic/nostalgic slant. (Wanky description: I guess, to me, it's sort of about the way people and surroundings change, due to outside forces and the simple passing of time. What remains at the core? Familiar modes of escapism? Nostalgia? Love? C.S. Lewis would probably have something to say about this.)
Notes: This is basically the best vid quality I've put up, thanks to the new WMM -- I recommend selecting the "HD" option on YouTube. (Oh, and if anyone wants a dl, just ask -- I'll put one up.)

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Title: The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is Out To Get Homes and Watson!
Song: "The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is Out To Get Us"
Artist: Sufjan Stevens
Movie: "Sherlock Holmes" (Guy Ritchie's; 2009) [and a couple of sneaky clips from "Finding Neverland"]
Comments from the vidder: Yeah, so I'm not really super proud of this one, but you know, whatever. I do enjoy it, and I hope you do too. I found the song difficult to vid for -- it's a bit quirky and ponderous (I edited out a few big chunks of it and it's STILL almost 5 minutes long) -- but I couldn't squelch my desire to do it. Every time I listened to it, I thought of H/W and UST. In my mind, the wasp (or crow? can we pretend a crow works?) represents both the prick of love and desire, and the the oppressiveness of (Victorian) society and ideals which make that love impossible. Enjoy.

Download: My copy of SH isn't great (it's very dark) and WMM isn't great, of course, and on YT it just becomes even worse. So if you're interested in a slightly better quality viewing, here's a download link: here. [28,169 KB; 4 minutes, 56 seconds]
YouTube Link:

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Song: "Disarm" by Smashing Pumpkins
Length/Size: 3:31 / 25 MB
Download link: If anybody asks, I'll put one up later.
Characters: Walter Kovacs (Rorschach)/Daniel Dreiberg (Nite Owl II)
Disclaimer: Nothing to do with Watchmen is mine, obviously. I'm just a silly fan with a crappy editing program.
Summary: This video is about the relationship between Dan and Rorschach, their estrangement at the story's start, their previous partnership, and their (brief) rediscovery of each other during the events of the movie/graphic novel. Despite their differences, at their cores, they have similar reasons for and ideals about crime-fighting; they basically want to be Arthurian knights, protecting the weak and promoting justice. They both want that to be their identity, but find their idealism difficult to maintain in the real world: Dan gives up, discouraged, and Rorschach fashions himself into a strange kind of zealot. When they come together again, they bring out the best in each other (even if it's all kind of short-lived and unproductive...), inspiring each other to new heights of heroism, and also offering different perspectives and gaining a greater understanding (of each other, the world, humanity). As Dan says (in the GN) when he searches for Rorschach in jail, "Meeting him recently, it's like he wants to make friends, without knowing how. As if the gap between us were narrowing."

Enough talk: here it is.

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Fandom: Watchmen
Song: "Street Spirit (Fade Out)" by Radiohead
Characters: All (overall focus shifts from Comedian, Ozymandias and Dr. Manhattan to Dan, Laurie and Rorschach)
Summary: The world might end! Can we stop it? Is stopping it what's really important? How should we view ourselves/life/the world? What should we do? Existentialist quandaries of the Watchmen and Radiohead join forces!
Notes: I know I already used this song for a fanvid (a Lord of the Rings one) but oh, well. It's what I found working for me. Aaaand now I just found one ghost clip, and it's going to piss me off forever.
Disclaimer: None of this is really mine -- I'm just a fan with too much time on her hands.
Links: watch it here or here...
Additional rambling:To me, this song is kind of about the absurd, as Camus described it: "that divorce between the mind that desires and the world that disappoints; my nostalgia for unity, this fragmented universe, and the contradiction that binds them together." The world is full of destructive forces, none the least being humankind -- everything is doomed, and for what? Rorschach says "existence is random, has no pattern... no meaning save what we choose to impose." It's a "rudderless world...not shaped by metaphysical forces" but just by us and by everything else in it. And yet, there is a structure to it -- there are laws of nature, and everything is set in motion in a certain way; Dr. Manhattan calls the universe "a watch without a watchmaker." But where does that put us? How do we view ourselves and our choices? Radiohead concludes with saying "immerse yourself in love." Thom Yorke has some stuff to say about the song too.

vid plans

May. 31st, 2009 09:58 am
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Mostly for my own reference, but here are some vids I hope to make this summer...

Breaking Bad:
-- Between the Bars // Elliott Smith (general, sad: Walt, Walt/Skylar/family, Jesse, Jesse/Jane, Hank, et. all)
-- Ain't No Rest for the Wicked // Cage the Elephant (general, light-hearted: crime, etc.)
...and more?

The Bitter End // Placebo (general, fast-paced: cold war, etc.)
Street Spirit // Radiohead (general: somewhat Rorschach-centered, nihilism, futility, hope)
Karma Police // Radiohead (general but Rorschach-centered again, also incorporating the crimebusters in general)
...and maybe others as well

Star Wars:
And Then There Was Silence // Blind Guardian (general: entire saga! Skywalker-focused)

Breaking Bad is such an awesome show, by the way. Why aren't you all watching it and writing awesome fanfic for it? You can download all the episodes here to catch up: [ profile] breaking_bad (it's only partway through season 2 right now). But to warn you, it's extremely depressing. ...But also darkly funny. And compelling.
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Title: Read My Mind
Movie: The Neverending Story
Music: The Killers
Summary: A feel-good video for a nostalgic 80s movie. My sister gave me the DVD for Christmas and I just had to vid it. I'm really pleased with how it came out. The idea is fairly self-explanatory; it's about Bastian trying to cope with the world, through fantasy, and the world of fantasy and the characters there depending on him to keep them alive and thriving.(Thats, you know, the plot of the movie.)
Link: Watch it here

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Well, I made a "Blade Runner" fanvid. It's really nothing great -- it's a melancholy, short, simple and quickly-made thing, patched-together from several downloaded scenes, but... Whatever. I hope to make another "Blade Runner" vid eventually (quite possibly to "Karma Police" by Radiohead), once I get the movie (and somehow get WMM fixed or even get a new editing program) but for what it's worth, here's this: Maybe Sprout Wings.

It's sort of about isolation and longing, and hope. An important idea in the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", it seemed to me, was getting over the fear of caring about something that might not care about you, and sort of just... just embracing the feelings you get, that seem important to you.

my rambling thoughts about the book and movie )
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Well, it's finished!

Fandom/Movie: Peter Pan (2003) and Finding Neverland
Song: "Fly" by Blind Guardian
Summary: Just the general message of the two movies -- valuing imagination and creativity, optimism, joy, courage... Specifically, the video (and the song) is primarily J.M. Barrie's point of view as he tries to inspire Sylvia Lewellyn-Davis and her sons (especially Peter), as well as Peter Pan's point of view as he initiates Wendy and her brothers into Neverland.
Notes: Vista Windows Movie Maker is a bitch. The quality of this isn't as great as I'd have hoped, due to having to save what I had when it no longer allowed further edits, import that saved copy, edit it a little, save that and import it again, etc., multiple times. And then there are the one or two ghost clips. Oh, well. I'm through messing with it. Here it is: I hope you enjoy it. This is also, I think, the longest song I've used for a fanvid so far.
Links: You can watch it on YouTube or Imeem (better quality).
You can also download it here (wmv)
Or here:

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Everyone's been doing their Roundup Posts, so here's mine, rounding up all the fanvids I made this year.

16 more vids! )

Overall, I think the videos I made this year were much more sophisticated than last year's batch. I branched out to other things, wanting to kind of make one summing up video for many of my favorite films, and I think I did most of those justice. The Star Wars vids have been a little weak, maybe, and I've had this mental block about House, but other than that... Yay vidding!

And since there are only two (ish) of them, I might as well round up my fanfics in the same post:

fics and roleplay games )
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Title: One and the Same
Song: "Two-Headed Boy Part 2" // Neutral Milk Hotel
Characters/Pairs: Luke, Leia, Anakin, Padme
Description: This is a study of the whole Skywalker family and how they relate to each other. Luke wonders about his father and comes to sense that they are not very different -- he is actually very like his mother as well, though, with his kindness, idealism and hope. After meeting, Luke and Leia become very close and realize that they have a sort of connection, and that they are twins and struggling with a lot of the same things. They are both reflections of both their parents in different ways. The last segment of the video focuses on the parents and on how much Padme means to Anakin, but because they live on in their children and all is one, he shouldn't be afraid to let her go ("Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force," as Yoda said).
Note: I made this for a challenge at [ profile] sw_fanvids a few weeks back and just got to posting it here now. As you can see, it won 5th place. (The video quality is pretty terrible. Nothing I could do about it.)
Links: embedded behind the cut )

or straight link
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I hope somebody here has seen and enjoyed Fight Club. Because I made this video and I think it's badass.

Title: Becoming Insane
Song: Becoming Insane -- Infected Mushroom
Description: The main character's emotional, physical and psychological struggle. Can't say more without giving away spoilers. Which, by the way, if you want to avoid for this movie, don't watch this video. Watch the movie and then come back and watch it.
Links: YouTube Link
Imeem Link (best quality)
imeem imbedded link behind cut )And here are the lyrics:locura )
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Title: What It Is To Burn
Music Artist: Finch
Size: 11 MB
Description: Anakin's all-consuming passion and how it ends up destroying everything. Padme becomes everything to him, the only one he can relate to and the only thing he really cares about, but eventually he becomes so caught up in his passion that he loses sight even of her, and everything that he's fighting for. (Or: How raging hormones and batshit paranoia brought about the end of the Jedi and the Galactic Republic.)
Characters/Pairs: Anakin/Padme
Length: 3 min 44 sec
links: download link and streamload link

click to watch the embedded link behind the cut )
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For the October Challenge over at [ profile] sw_fanvids

banners by [ profile] digi_smozz

Title: Song to Say Goodbye
Artist: Placebo
Size: 15.1 MB
Description: Anakin's fall from Obi-Wan's POV
Characters/Pairs: Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi
Length: 3 min 43 sec
links: Stream it at YouTube
or download it from SendSpace
Or watch it here, embedded behind the cut: Song to Say Goodbye )
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Movie: RENT
Song: "Let Go" - Frou Frou
Notes: So, we watched this movie in my suite the other night. I'd seen it before (the movie, and the play) and I started thinking how it'd be fun to make a fanvid of it. The movie is kind of silly in parts, but it works well as a fanvid, I think, since it's basically one long music video anyway (with awkward speaking-in-rhyme-as-if-it-doesn't-rhyme bits) and I got to cut out the parts I didn't like. Also, I'd been wanting to use this song in a fanvid for a while but hadn't been sure what to use it for. But this movie is a good match, I believe. The general message is to not be afraid or reluctant or caught up in yourself, but to just get out there and enjoy life.
Links: Streaming (YouTube) or Download (Sendspace)

Or just watch it here: embedded behind cut )
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For the October Angst Challenge at [ profile] sw_fanvids:

(banner by [ profile] digi_smozz)

Title: This Time Imperfect
Movie: Star Wars (Episodes I-III)
Song: "This Time Imperfect" by AFI
Summary: "There are no flowers -- no, not this time. There'll be no angels gracing the lines." Anakin's disappointment, disillusionment and loneliness. The impact of being separated from his mother, and later, of her death. The impact of Qui-Gon's death and consequently being taken under Obi-Wan's reluctant wing instead. And how Anakin and the Jedi just did not mesh; although the Jedi were good and well-intentioned, they were perhaps too inflexible and unsympathetic in his case, which was unique. Just like Anakin's fear of loss ended up ultimately bringing about that loss, the Jedi's fear of Anakin betraying them only served to further alienate him and helped bring about that betrayal.
Disclaimer: Star Wars isn't mind, fool. Neither is AFI's music.
Watch it: here or right here in my journal... embedded under the cut )
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Movie: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
Song: Parting of the Sensory
Band: Modest Mouse
Notes: A million thanks to [ profile] elynittria for sending me the Ros & Guil DVD. She is MADE OF AWESOME. I hope you enjoy the video. As always with fanvids, the music might not be to everyone's taste. Also, it's a pretty fricking long song. But, you know, I thought it fit. :) So... Enjoy!

embedded behind the cut )

Or watch it here at YouTube.
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Okey-doke, guys. Here it is. This one didn't win the vote, but it's what I started working on first and what I finished fast. So. Without further ado, "Little Miss Sunshine" set to "No Rain" by Blind Melon. Watch it here.

In other news, I am home for my nephew's birthday. Yay. :)
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New vid, guys! Dead Poets Society! I was feeling bored, and couldn't seem to finish any of my other vids (or write anything) so I started this vid. Finished it very quickly, just a short, easy little vid. The song is extremely overused in fanvids, but it was what I felt like using. I hope you enjoy it. It's, uh, wicked depressing. :D

Watch it here!

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Title: A Different Light
Song: Delirium Trigger by Coheed and Cambria
Fandom: Star Wars
Summary and Notes: Anakin's fall. This is similar to my last vid, except that this is more about Anakin the person, and what he goes through, rather than what he does. It begins in amidst the destruction and pain Anakin's caused, but then stops to look back on all that has happened and how he, and Padme and Obi-Wan, have gotten where they are now. longer summary )

watch it here )


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