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(I know I'm preaching to the choir, here. But I just thought... maybe someone who hates fanfiction will browse through the answers to the Writer's Block thing. And maybe they'll read this?)

Fan fiction is the modern version of sitting around the campfire, telling old folktales, myths and legends, and letting them live--retelling them, changing them, responding to them.

It's a natural and beautiful thing. Lately I've been coming across all these people who are pissed off or disgusted by it and I just want to shake them and shout, "WHY DO YOU HATE FUN?!" Or maybe "Why do you find this so threatening??"

Sure, not all individual examples of fan fiction are all that remarkable. And some are just bad. (Although, really, a lot of those are from very young writers, many of whom have a lot of growing to do as writers (and fanfic communities will likely help them)). But this is not a reason to condemn the entire practice. Would you condemn the entire world of academic literary criticism just because you'd found a lot of bad essays written by kids? -- or essays you didn't personally agree with, or maybe you thought they were too derivative... No, I hope not.

I really do think that they're very related activities (literary analysis papers and fanfic). They are both the result of engaging critically and creatively with a text, responding to it in a form that others will recognize and respond to as well. They are both part of ongoing, open conversations based around literature (and other media -- STORIES) and people's responses to it. People's responses are based on their own experiences, and other texts, and other "counter-texts" (essays, reviews and fanfic).

And fanfiction in particular is such a wonderful brand of that kind of active reading -- it provides such a great form and forum to do it in. The communities formed around it can be so supportive and generative of growth, thought and discussion, and it connects you with people from all over the world, and people with different experiences and perspectives, different ideas about the texts. It's like the fucking best English class ever.


Also, the fucking Aeniad is a fanfic of The Illiad.

Shakespeare's plays were pretty much all fanfiction!
And there are endless examples of modern fanfics of Shakespeare.

[ profile] bookshop has an awesome list of recognized and lauded derivative works here.
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I feel like making a post rounding up all of my favorite fanvids in a huge Rec List. It's mostly for my own convenience, because the Favorites List on YouTube is so unwieldy -- you've got to go clicking through pages and pages, whereas I'd like to have everything accessible in one place -- and partly because I'd like to share the awesomeness. So...

I'll start with House fanvids. House Vids )

Okay, that's it for now. The list still needs some tweaking. Obviously I feel like it can't really be complete, and there were some spots where I had to debate what to count and what not to. And I'm missing a "humor" category. (The House character study list needs to get split between angst and humor, I think.) Plus, I wanted to include like... fanvids in general, not just House. But for now, there's a rec-list.

I've starred what I think are must-sees.
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Alright, so, I've been kind of wanting to do this for a while. I gave House his own canon/fanon biography-by-fic-recs. Now it's Wilson's turn.

read the James Wilson fics )
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This is a rec-list I've compiled of really excellent House fanfiction. It is basically all Gen, all focused on the character Gregory House (though several are about him through the eyes of other characters) and all adhering pretty closely to canon. I've ordered them chronologically, creating a sort of biography for the character. Granted, this doesn't completely work; there is a lot of overlap - and some fics that leap all over the timeline within one story. But that's ok.

Also, this list is full of spoilers, so... Look out.

I've made a similar list for James Wilson as well now.

Greg House is Love

Read the Greg House fics... )
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I, uh, finished that video I mentioned earlier.

Title: A Broken Hallelujah
Song: "Hallelujah" - Rufus Wainwright
Subject: House, House/Stacy... and the piano... and angst
Download: YouSendIt
Watch: YouTube

I hope it's not too maudlin. Just, sometimes there are those moods.

It's a really pretty song and ever since Emily and Lorrae put it on that mix-cd, I haven't been able to stop listening to it, so I had to make a video for it.

Plus it does fit House quite nicely. Allows for lots of piano-playing and brooding. This video probably also was inspired by reading [ profile] namasteyoga's recently finished Eight Days, Eight Months (highly recommended). Also from re-reading (heck, let's just turn this into a fic-rec post!) Muse by [ profile] pwcorgigirl and Hiding by [ profile] sy_dedalus.

It's funny that I for some reason have a big weakness for House/Stacy stuff, when the majority of the fandom cannot stand her. Shrug. I think I just have a thing for angst and backstories in general. Because my other favorite subjects in House fanfiction are probably House and his parents, and Wilson and his brother.

Anyway, I think this might be, of the vids I've done, the one that's come out most like what I hoped it would.
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Despite the fact that probably nobody cares, I feel this irrepressible urge to rec some House fics.

By Sydedalus:
Intervention - Wilson tries to get House to ease off the Vicodin (based on Detox)
Of A Thursday - the infarction (based on Three Stories)
Hiding - series of vignettes about House and Stacy, mostly pre-infarction
Her other stuff is good too. Just beware that they're all epic-length angst-fests. That applies to the ones I've recced here, as well - but these are pretty much canon.

By Namaste:
Declarations of Independence - just a... look at House and his life
Balance - James Wilson notes the similarties and differences between his missing brother and House
Tracking Time - the friendship of House and Wilson over the years
The Java Jive - House and Wilson hanging out and drinking coffee
Come True - Lisa Cuddy's life and how it's changed since college

They're both the best I've found of House fanfiction, but Namaste is cleaner and less melodramatic. And shorter.
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Yesterday: My Fanfic Author pick today is Zeech because she is the first person, in my opinion, to successfully write Phantom of the Opera slash. I never thought it was possible, and certainely, if it was, I would think it would be Erik/Nadir (I'm still secretly waiting for someone to do that) but no... She wrote Erik/Raoul and it's actually believable. And good. And her other stories are amazing as well. Such good writing. Plus, she updates like... literally, once a day.

Christ there's only one more thing tomorrow! I'm going to have to squeeze in another one today! On a very simlar note, The Scorpion writes the fucking creepiest stuff ever. Her Erik is a sociopath and yet still loveable... ?

Today: Last day of Fanfic Author Appreciation Week, and I am honoring Cirocco for writing amazing, addictive, realistic Law and Order fanfiction. I especially enjoyed her "Aftershock" series which captured each of the characters so perfectly. I can hear their voices in my head when I read her stuff.

While I'm on the Law and Order thing, I should also mention Gypsum. Her stuff is so natural and believable. I especially enjoy her characterization of Jack.

Oh crap, there are so many people left over still... Not that it matters, because no one who reads this is at all interested (lol). But I really must mention K.L. Morgan. She writes Labyrinth fics (yes, as in, the 80's Jim Hensen movie with David Bowie) and they are completely amazing. It took me a little while to truly get into her "Forfeit of Dreams" because I started out by skimming (overwhelmed by the extreme length of the thing) but then I started really reading it and was completely hooked. I don't think I really did anything else for a few days. Unfortunately she hasn't written for a long time, and I believe she has a health problem with her wrists from typing so much...

And I am still very sad that "Paper Face" (a Phantom writer) took all her stuff down and changed her name to "I No Longer."

Why do people do that?
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Ok, quickly now, because who cares beside me anyway, I worship Dwimordene because she has written probably just as much as Tolkien by now. Plus, she is clearly in love with Aragorn and does a great angsty characterization of him. My favorite works of hers are definitely "Where the Stars Are Strange" which she says could be entitled The Existential Aragorn, and "Father and Sons" which is about how Denethor is a freak and Faramir=love. ...Basically.


Actually, I might as well show you this too. I'm such a fangirl. A message I left on someone's livejournal. )

... I haven't done any homework. I fell asleep on the couch immediatley when I got home (actually - I almost fell asleep on the floor but my mom insisted that I get up and move (this took physical prodding) and so I relocated to the couch). I drooled on the pillow a lot. Then I was awoken to eat dinner. I ate, did dishes, and got on the computer. Haven't moved since.
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I've been informed that today is Remus J. Lupin's birthday (by Molly, and I'm disappointed with myself that I didn't know already). So..

Happy Birthday, Remus!!

I'm such a dork...

Might as well continue the trend. My Fanfic Author of today is...

Kate Lynn for writing the best Tom Riddle fic I have ever read, and several other wonderful HP-based fics. Seriously, her story "The Broken Victory" is a novel-length masterpiece, following Tom from age 6 up through his graduation at Hogwarts and an epilogue, showing his uh, descent into darkness and evil - and really doing it, not just making him seem like the poor misunderstood kid - and yet also still keeping us interested in him and strangely liking him. An incredible balancing job. It's a profound work. Plus, she recently did a spoof on that one-act North did this fall "It's All in the Timing," you know, with Tom and Hermione. Just read her stuff.

And I missed yesterday, so for yesterday, I will appreciate Saahira who writes for Pirates of the Caribbean. Her Jack Sparrow may quite possibly be the most in-character I've seen him be in fanfiction. Lovely, easy-to-read, well-written stuff.
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I've been informed that this week is Fanfic Author Appreciation Week. This means you post to your LJ each day at least one of your favorite fanfic authors and why you love them, their work, and why they need more appreciation.

So today I shall highlight Olethros. She has written several great stories, both long and short, for the Hannibal series and the Phantom of the Opera, and is now working on a fantastic crossover between the two. The comparison of the two twisted but oddly fascianting characters is, well, fascinating. I actually am not a fan of the Hannibal Lecter series and have not seen teh films, but her writing is so compelling that I am completly into the story regardless. All of the people are very in character - something I feel is hard to nail with PotO. She has a great way with words and her writing seems to be getting better and better over time - and it was quite good to begin with. There are interesting, beautiful metaphors that enforce this awesome, morbid, almost gothic feel to it, while at the same time it feels quite modern (but not in a bad or out of character way) like there's an attitude to the story, bitter sarcasm everywhere. She updates consistently every few weeks and is very responsive to reviews/feedback, and also is very active in giving feedback to other authors on the site.

So everybody go read her stuff!!

And since, I the first week of this, March 6th, I shall include another one. And I'll try and do different fandoms for variety.

Now, it would probably be better to give little-known authors the spotlight, but I'm going to have to mention Thing1 - her stuff was, I believe, the first fanfic I ever really got into. This was when I was in love with Remus Lupin. Her stories follow an alternate universe timeline that soared ahead into the series' future long before J.K. Rowling wrote that far and mapped our the lives of the main characters, especially Sirius and Remus, and gave us glimpses into the past as well. Full of anst and drama and evil doings and suffering, as well as fluffy romance and sprouting families (mini-Remuses and mini-Siriuses), it's an incredible, addictive series. Sadly, we know it's not at all what will happen, especially in light of the end of the 5th book... < sob >
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