Aug. 8th, 2010

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Haven't written anything substantial here in a pretty long while now. I'm sure I'll get back to spilling my guts sometime soon.

For now, I just want to mention that I have just discovered the HBO show "The Wire" -- almost finished with season 1 now -- and it is so fucking good. It's sort of like "Law and Order" but more thoughtful and unpredictable. No formula, and it really goes into the characters' lives. Sort of like "Breaking Bad" too, but more realistic, I think (less campy, although BB isn't all that campy), and with a much bigger scope. BB is pretty tightly focused on the slow downfall of its two lead white guys as they stumble through the world of drug production/sales and the war on drugs. "The Wire" is just about that whole world. There are so many wonderfully interesting characters and I don't think a single person on it isn't kind of fucked up but they're so compelling and so human.

My favorite characters are probably Omar (I just saw someone on YT describe him as "if Clint Eastwood were gay and black"), Wallace (16-year-old low-level drug dealer, oldest of a bunch of orphaned siblings), McNulty (your basic maverick detective, alcoholic, Irish, divorced), Bunk Moreland (McNulty's awesome partner), Rhonda (female prosecutor), Greggs (lesbian detective, also working on a law degree), and Bubbles (heroin addict, thief, and police informant). There's a bunch of others I like a lot too: Lester Freamon, Donnette, Johnny Weeks (Bubbles' buddy), Bodie...

I kind of want to make a vid or something. I think I might for Season 1. Any song suggestions? Anyone else love this show?

Here's a nice write-up of the show.

Also! Watch some dancing! My favorite two dances from the last two episodes of "So You Think You Can Dance. ""Mad World": a homeless guy and a businessman run into each other on the street and realize they used to know each other. And "How It Ends" -- supposedly about two best friends, but really, the show's first dance depicting a homosexual romance (albeit, one that ends badly).

And while I'm recommending dances, here's a couple more I liked from earlier this season. The two I just mentioned are both contemporary, and the next two are both hip-hop. My Chick Bad -- less of a storyline than the contemporary pieces, but the idea is... modern cowboys and a girl who kicks ass? And then there's Outta Your Mind. This doesn't have much of a storyline either, but the basic idea is a therapy session. Alex -- a ballet dancer by training -- is so good in this, and so good in general. It's such a shame that he had to leave because of an injury. Hmmmm and also this one: This Bitter Earth -- the actual dance doesn't start until 1:55, but the first two minutes tell you about the dancers and the dance.


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